Our Way

Work with us.

At Griffin Constructions, we believe that all great outcomes derive from the relationship between client and builder.

That’s why we start by making sure your aspirations and expectations are clearly understood. Then we prepare a thorough and comprehensive building programme that suits you, with a full scope of works and realistic allowances for all fittings and fixtures, quality materials and workmanship.

That means you know where you stand from the start.

Get involved.

All building projects, and remodelling projects in particular, involve unexpected challenges, choices and decisions. Sometimes they can create obstacles to reaching your vision, other times they offer new options and exciting opportunities you hadn’t considered. Coping with the challenges, or exploiting the opportunities successfully, is all down to how well you communicate with your builder – how well they keep you in the loop and the extent to which they listen and take on board what you say.

With Griffin Constructions, there’s always a single, key point of contact for your project. We’ll make sure you’re always kept up to date and know what’s going on.

And conversely, any issue, any idea, any problem, any time: you call us and we’ll listen, discuss it and deal with it immediately and effectively.

Take ownership.

We’ve always measured our success not just by the end result, but by the great working relationships we establish with our clients along the way. They become a key part of the process, and in turn, a key part of the project´s success.

It’s a relationship that demands a lot from both sides, often over a considerable period of time. But at the end of the day, it’s your home. At Griffin Constructions we respect that, and by working with you, we seek to achieve an outstanding result.