A large single level country home for a growing family, this home used traditional country style joinery items to compliment the large living areas and Italian tiled floors, hydronic heated slab throughout with high levels of insulation and double glazed windows keeps the elements at bay

Client Testimonial

We contacted Griffin Constructions before our plans were complete to get an idea of whether our plans were within our budget. It was close to twelve months later that we signed a contract with Griffin Constructions. Through this time, Stuart was very understanding as to the position we were faced with – trying to build our dream family home within our budget whilst still maintaining the special features and finishes our hearts were set on. From our first appointment with Stuart we were impressed with his confidence and professionalism, whilst also being so easy to talk to. Even with our less than basic knowledge of building Stuart never spoke down to us, he always took the time to make sure we understood everything that we were discussing and welcomed any questions. Stuart worked very efficiently and had a great attention to detail – something that was vital when there were so many details that were important to us. By the time we started building we felt confident and relaxed knowing that Stuart and Luke knew exactly what we were after, not just in terms of the plans themselves but the approach to work. Luke managed a happy and very efficient work site. He went to great lengths to make himself available to us. It was wonderful to have Luke on hand for all our meetings with contractors. By developing a great working relationship with us he knew our level of knowledge and always translated what the contractors would tell us so we could understand, even going so far as to build a small mock up of our eves. When any issues arose Luke resolved them calmly, quickly and peacefully, always maintaining a positive attitude. All the staff and contractors that Griffin Constructions employed were polite and seemed to enjoy their work with Griffin. It made for a great workplace. They were all so respectful of us, and our young children, during our visits on site. Luke and Stuart kept to budget, kept on schedule and kept in touch. Some days we would receive 3 or 4 phone calls just to update us and keep us in the loop of what was happening. If we called Luke or Stuart with a query they would have it sorted and reply to us usually by the end of the day. Luke and Stuart have built us a fantastic family home, which has turned out exactly as we dreamt it would. We expected that building our home would be stressful at times and we prepared ourselves for that as best we could. As it turned out it was the most wonderful experience and every day working with Luke and Stuart was a pleasure. We suspect the best preparation we did to ensure a stress-free build was engaging Griffin Constructions. Bywong Clients